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How It All Began....

 15 years ago Carol de Haas and Patricia Macdonald were introduced to each other at a fundraising event organized by the Canadian Cancer Society.  As parents of children who had survived cancer there was a mutual link and the desire to give back was very strong.  

 The ladies had a dream to bring the community of Richmond together as a means of saying thank you to all who shared in the healthy results of their children.  After much discussion it was determined the best way to do this was to support the efforts of the Cops for Cancer riders in their quest to raise money and awareness about pediatric cancer research and programs which support families of children with cancer.  How they would do this would be to hold a dinner/auction and the rest as they say is history. (See Past Events)

Michelle de Haas and Jordan Macdonald are the reason these two women are here today bringing the community together.  Both Jordan and Michelle, are now strong, thriving young adults making their mark in the world but their journey to get here was as a direct result of all the work done by so many before.  Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast is one of the many avenues through the Canadian Cancer Society funds are raised for pediatric research, that same research is what enabled the protocols (treatment options) both Michelle and Jordan went through to ensure a strong and lasting outcome.

Special Thanks From Patricia and Carol to our 2021 Team

MC - Steve Marriott
Donations - Angus Macdonald & Ragne Reid
Event Volunteers - Linda Wong, Carol Lau, John de Haas, Nery Santos,  Jordan Macdonald, Michelle de Haas,  Conner Macdonald, Kristen de Haas
Entertainers - Steve Marriott, Luc Josef, Stephanie Pedraza
Event Photographer - Robert Shackles
Richmond Curling Club Volunteers

Behind the scenes: 
Compensation Employees Credit Union & Worksafe BC employees


 Michelle and Jordan's Journey



When our daughter, Michelle, was 7 years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia. She went through 2.5 years of cancer treatment, which was very traumatic for her and our family. Michelle is now 27 years old, has traveled, danced, gone to university, and is now in her 3rd year of Law School. She's happy and HEALTHY.  


To quote Michelle:“I’m alive today because of past fundraising and research." Events like Cops for Cancer have raised money that has funded that research. 40 years ago, her diagnosis would have been a very quick death sentence. We are so very grateful for the advancements in treatments that made her story a success. That’s why we are doing this! Excited and honored to be co-organizing this event again in 2020! 


-Carol de Haas

Jordan was 2 1/2 years old when he was diagnosed with Leukemia - during his 3 1/2 year chemotherapy journey, he had to overcome a few battles with pneumonia however the biggest was when he contracted chicken pox.  Jordan's fun loving, easy going character enabled our family to take it all in the same stride as he was, in fact, Chicken Volleyball was invented during his two week isolation at BC Children's hospital.  On more than one occasion there could be a "shhhh" heard from the nurses station as Jordan and Angus were having far too much fun! At the same time this frivolity brought a sense of hope to the Oncology floor.

During this 3 1/2 years with the support of our families, school and church communities this burden was lightened.  As Jordan's chemo journey came to and end our family realized how blessed we had been not just in the life saving treatment he had received but also in the support we received from the Canadian Cancer Society through various programs.  The program which most impacted our family was and still is Camp Good Times. Jordan spent 13 years as a camper, then as an LIT, to this day he still returns for the wind up dance to DJ!  As siblings Jordan's sisters Ashley and Chelsea and younger brother Conner also were able to experience Camp Good Times - their Disneyland.

The Macdonald family are eternally grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff at BC Children’s hospital especially Dr. Pritchard. To those who spend countless hours researching for a cure, to those who donate to keep this research going you have and ARE making a difference and we thank you!

-Patricia Macdonald

The Committee: Past and Present!

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