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There are so many Thank You's to send out, from our sponsors to our donors, to those who attended, to those bidding on the auction, to those who purchased 50/50 tickets, to the volunteers and those who donated.  

Please consider supporting the businesses who helped make this event possible.

We cannot thank the

Rumberg Group enough! 

This year marks the 6th year the Rumberg Group have been a Platinum Sponsor!

It is because of their continued generosity, all monies raised from the ticket sales, auction, 50/50, bar sales goes straight to the bottom line.

How do we begin to thank our Donors?  For 16 years the Business Community of Richmond, Vancouver and abroad have supported our event.  These businesses continued giving even during a pandemic when many business were hurting.

The desire to help children and families during these difficult times continues to be corner stone for their giving!

Please take the time to view our Donor Page and support these business, perhaps drop them a note, or comment on their websites to let others know of their generosity.

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